Dangerous cargo can make truck crashes even worse

by | Jul 21, 2017 | truck accidents

We see commercial trucks on the road nearly every day. And whether we can see the cargo they haul or not, we know that these trucks typically carry heavy, dangerous materials over thousands of miles.

This cargo can present serious problems in the event of a crash. If it spills, it can make the roadways unsafe for other motorists; if it is exposed to certain elements or conditions, the reaction can be dangerous and potentially fatal.

This was the case recently when a truck’s cargo caught fire and exploded after a collision.

According to news reports, the incident occurred when one truck crashed into two passenger vehicles. Those two vehicles got stuck under the second truck, starting a fire. The trucker was carrying seed and fertilizer, which exploded shortly after the fire broke out. Sadly, three people died in the accident.

More investigation is needed in this tragic accident, but it does serve as an important reminder that it’s not just the trucks that pose a threat to motorists in an accident. Cargo can also present a safety hazard and make already-bad accidents even worse.

Truckers and trucking companies have specific rules with which they must comply when transporting cargo, particularly hazardous, flammable cargo. If they fail to do this, then they can and should be held responsible for any damages resulting from such negligence.

Of course, it is typically very difficult for individual motorists to determine if truckers, truck owners or other parties failed to comply with cargo rules and restrictions. This is particularly true when victims are already reeling from catastrophic accidents or the loss of a loved one.

Rather than give up or assume there is nothing on which to build a claim, you can discuss your case with an attorney familiar with truck accident claims. With legal support, you can fight for the accountability, compensation and closure you and your loved ones deserve.