How can you help someone with a diagnosed mental illness?

by | May 25, 2018 | social security disability

Whether you have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with a mental illness in Kentucky, it can be challenging to determine how to continue to be supportive despite the changes in his or her demeanor. Behavioral traits and personality characteristics that may have been normal in the past may now be obsolete and you may be left wondering if the person you love will ever be the same. Fortunately, when you understand how to effectively help someone with a mental illness, you can provide encouragement and stability in his or her journey to healing.

While you may feel silly looking for resources about mental health issues and coping mechanisms, your proactivity can be incredibly beneficial to your loved one. According to, when you make the effort to learn more about various mental conditions, you may be able to recognize your loved one’s need for intervention and get him or her the help needed before problems worsen.

Throughout the course of treatment, here are some other helpful things you may consider doing:

  • Asking questions about his or her recovery and listening intently when conversation turns to mental health.
  • Provide assistance with daily tasks, especially those that may be potential triggers.
  • Acting as an advocate and sharing what you have learned about mental illness with others to encourage understanding and acceptance.
  • Regularly check in on your loved one and involve him or her in activities that will provide enjoyment and satisfaction.

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