Don’t ignore soft-tissue injuries after a car accident

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Firm News

Many of us are so used to driving or riding in cars that we forget just how violent car accidents are when they happen. Even a car accident that seems minor or does not total a vehicle may cause serious injuries, especially soft-tissue injuries like whiplash.

Some people seem to think that these injuries are not real, or do not deserve compensation like other injuries such as broken bones or severed arteries. This is almost certainly because they have never experienced the agony of soft-tissue injuries, especially severe injuries that can leave a victim practically paralyzed until they heal.

If you experience a car accident and don’t think that you suffered any injuries, it is wise to go straight to a doctor and ask them to give you a full examination. You may have soft-tissue injuries or other potentially harmful injuries that don’t cause immediate pain. If you identify these injuries quickly, you may save yourself weeks or months of painful recovery.

Soft-tissue injuries can lead to real harm

In many cases, soft-tissue injuries heal over time, even if you don’t do anything to speed up the recovery. However, this is more dangerous than you might expect. Apart from prolonging the misery of aching, stiff muscles, untreated soft-tissue injuries can lead to long-term problems, and the older a victim is, the more likely this becomes.

Let’s imagine that you experience a car accident in which another driver hits you from behind. Your head suddenly snaps back, but you don’t feel any harsh pain. After the accident, you check yourself and any passengers, and no one appears seriously hurt. The next morning, you wake up, and your neck is so stiff that you cannot move.

If you simply wait for it to get better on its own, your pain may subside in a week or so, but the muscles themselves may remain weak, making it much more likely to suffer other injuries in the future and possibly leading to ongoing pain.

Protect your rights as soon as you can

Car accident injuries may affect many areas of your life, and these all cost you something. Seeking proper medical care may mean money out of your pocket, and you may not be able to work for some time. Ultimately, these expenses may pile up and total much more than you expect, and someone is responsible for these costs.

Be sure to protect your rights and yourself with a strong legal strategy that holds the responsible party fully liable for all of your losses and suffering, so that you can make your own recovery a priority.