How motorcyclists can maximize their safety on the road

by | Aug 16, 2019 | car accidents

With rolling farmlands and roads that wind around beautiful mountains, Kentucky is a motorcycle rider’s paradise. Cyclists love the open feeling and bucolic scenery throughout the state and often enjoy riding together in a group. However, just as with any motor vehicle, there is always the chance of being involved in car accidents. How can bikers safely ride with confidence?

Motorcyclists have good reason to fear the worst. The New York Times recently reported about a horrific accident in New Hampshire where a truck hit a group of bikers riding together on a rural road. The truck swerved over the yellow line into the space where the cyclists were riding, killing seven people with three more suffering injuries.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that bikers are approximately 28 times more likely to lose their life in an auto accident than those who are in passenger vehicles. The agency suggests that to maximize safety during their ride, motorcyclists should:

  •       Ride in a responsible manner and refrain from the use of alcohol and drugs
  •       Dress in the proper attire by covering arms and legs and wearing an approved helmet
  •       Check things like tire pressure and fluid and gas levels before setting off
  •       Look underneath the bike prior to riding to make sure there are no leaks

It is also in their best interest to increase visibility. This can be done by keeping headlights on at all time, wearing reflective clothing and putting reflecting materials on the bike. By following the rules of the road and taking the proper preparations, motorcycle riders increase the likelihood that they can ride safely without getting into an auto accident.