What are the most dangerous roads in the Bowling Green area?

by | Aug 5, 2022 | car accidents

There is a constant, low-level risk of drivers getting into crashes on the road. Any time you go for a drive, even just to the corner store for some coffee, there is a possibility that someone else will run a red light or fail to stop in time, causing a crash.

There are thousands of miles of roads crossing Kentucky, and thousands of drivers making use of them at any given moment. There are numerous ways that you can reduce your personal degree of risk for a motor vehicle collision. Learning more about when and where your crash risk is highest is one option.

Some roads are more dangerous than others

None of the most dangerous roads in Kentucky are in Bowling Green, but if you travel north or south to bigger cities, you will encounter some dangerous stretches of road. The most dangerous road in Kentucky is essentially due east roughly two hours.

US-25 in London from State Road to Fariston Road is the deadliest stretch of road in the state with nine fatal wrecks in two years. Those heading north to Louisville will want to avoid SR-1447, SR-1934, SR-1865US 31W and I-264, each of which was the location of multiple fatal wrecks between 2017 and 2019.

Where are crashes common in the Bowling Green area?

There are multiple factors that determine how dangerous a road may be. The design of the road itself and the density of traffic on any given day will play a major role in how likely collisions are. Although Bowling Green does see a number of collisions every year, none of its roads are particularly dangerous or home to an unusually high density of fatal collisions when compared with the rest of the state.

Still, there are certain locations in Bowling Green that have a reputation for being more dangerous. The intersection of U.S. 31-W Bypass and KY 234 Fairview Avenue has seen a high number of crashes, and the state has changed the traffic signals and lanes there to help. There have been similar changes made at other known dangerous intersections, like where U.S. 68 Glasgow Road crosses Ky 101 Smiths Grove-Scottsville Road, which has become a four-way stop.

The right route can reduce your risk. Taking the information that you have about motor vehicle collisions and using it to plan your next trip could help you stay a little bit safer out on the Kentucky roads.