Dangers of two-lane rural roads

by | Oct 3, 2022 | car accidents

Due to their remote nature, rural roads often feel safe. However, this is a complete fabrication. The truth is that these are some of the most dangerous roads in the country, regardless of how they feel.

If you’re surprised to find out about the severe danger on rural roads, which cause fatal accidents at a higher rate than city streets, then it’s important to break down exactly why they are more dangerous. What is it that makes you more likely to have serious consequences from a crash in a rural area?

Opposing traffic

First and foremost, two-lane roads are always going to be more dangerous than one-way streets. This is simply because you have to deal with opposing traffic, and there’s always the chance that a driver is going to make a left turn when there isn’t space or drift over the centerline because they’re distracted. Head-on accidents are some of the most severe types of crashes you can ever be involved in, and these roads create them.

Distance from medical care

When you look into the reasons why rural roads have such high fatality rates and accidents, one thing that you’ll find is that they are farther away from the closest medical centers. This means that a person who is involved in a crash on a rural road and suffers the same exact injuries as someone who was injured in a crash on a city street has much higher odds of actually passing away from their injuries or having other serious ramifications.

Higher speed limits

Finally, two-lane rural streets often have speed limits that are set at around 55 mph. This is much faster than what you’re going to find anywhere in the city. Since higher speeds always make it more likely that crashes will result in severe injuries or fatalities, driving on roads with consistently higher speed limits just increases the risks that you face.

What should you do after a crash?

If you do get involved in a crash that was caused by another driver on a two-lane rural road, make sure you know how you can seek financial compensation to cover your medical bills and other costs.