5 essential steps to take after a car crash

by | Jul 28, 2023 | car accidents

Car crashes are inconvenient and often very expensive. If people don’t respond appropriately after a collision, they may put themselves at a disadvantage should they require insurance coverage or compensation from a personal injury claim in the future.

Those who remember to take the five steps below will be in a much better position to minimize their own liability and hold other parties accountable for collisions that result in expensive property damage and bodily injuries.

Check everyone for injuries

Drivers often need to examine themselves in the passengers of their vehicles first before exiting to check on the other people involved. That way, they can effectively communicate with first responders about what kind of support they require.

Contact local law enforcement

State law does require that people report collisions, but it is very common for people to try to negotiate their way out of such obligations. Even if the other driver offers financial support independent of insurance or perhaps especially then, it will be very important for someone’s future right to claim compensation that they report the crash and establish an official record of the collision and the consequences it generated.

Collect proper documentation

Most people know that they need to get a copy of the driver’s license and proof of insurance for the person driving the other vehicle involved in the crash. Fewer people stop to think about gathering evidence of the collision itself. Taking photos and recording video of the crash scene and also writing notes of the details that may play an important role later can all help someone validate their version of events during a lawsuit or insurance claim.

Get a medical evaluation

There are many types of injuries that may not present any worrisome symptoms until after the first day or two. A quick diagnosis can improve someone’s chance of a full recovery. Equally important is how a timely and accurate diagnosis makes it easier to connect someone’s health concerns with the car crash. Waiting too long to seek medical care could raise questions about whether someone got injured after the collision.

Consult with an attorney

From negotiating with an insurance company to filing paperwork with the courts to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, there are many necessary steps after a car crash that the average individual would struggle to handle without support. Obtaining professional support means that someone can focus on their recovery instead of on the paperwork and red tape involved in insurance claims and lawsuits.

Having a plan in place before a crash occurs will make it easier for someone to respond appropriately after a major motor vehicle collision results in injury.